Ultimate Upper Body Workout Series

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Shape your arms, back & shoulders through this progressive 4-week workout series designed to help you feel confident in anything you wear!




Get your arms, shoulders and back in the best shape ever through this progressive series of workouts! Who wants those unsightly bat wings or saggy back?

As a bonus for committing to 4 weeks of strengthening your upper body, you will receive my Ultimate Nutrition Guide – because we all know that nutrition is 80-90% of the solution. Exercise is very important, but nutrition is the key to opening the door to the energy needed to complete these awesome workouts!

You will receive all 8 workouts and the nutrition guide in an email once you have purchased. Make sure to do these workouts with a separation of at least 48 hours, so that your muscles have time to repair and recover. All workouts include a warmup and a cool down, as well as encouragement and modifications.

This is a perfect complement to the Dump Your Rump series and the core series available in January 2022! If you prefer to do a full body workout, then the Virtual Access Outdoor Blast workout series is for you!

Whatever exercise level you are at, you can get stronger and progress at your own pace with all of these workouts!

I am always here for you if you have any questions or concerns!

God Bless and Enjoy!

1 review for Ultimate Upper Body Workout Series

  1. Susanne MacDonald (verified owner)

    Kathie’s Upper Body Workout Series is the absolutely BEST!!! You will LOVE this series!! Just concentrating on Upper Body with Kathie’s incredible workouts has been a game changer for me!! I can finally see definition in my arms and my triceps are toning up like I have never seen!! In addition, my posture has improved!! I will continue to incorporate Kathie’s Upper Body Workouts Series into my weekly workouts!! Thank YOU, Kathie, for creating this series and for your expertise!!!

    • kathie60

      I am so glad to hear about your great results from the Ultimate Upper Body Workout Series! Thank you for your dedication to complete all 8 workouts and to continue incorporating them so that you retain all of the muscle that you built! Having good posture and feeling confident with toned arms and shoulders helps us to feel better going into Spring and Summer when we are not always covered up with clothing! Being stronger in our upper torso also helps us function better in our daily activities. Thank you for your very kind words! Many Blessings to you in your continued health journey!

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