Increased Strength, Mobility, & Confidence!

Longing to regain strength, mobility and confidence after several injuries, Maetta asked me to help her achieve these goals. Not only has Maetta gained in these desired areas, but she is feeling like she can continue making exercise a part of her life for the long term, which has been a struggle in the past. I have enjoyed seeing Maetta become stronger in so many ways and we also share a common interest of gardening. This is something Maetta has not been able to enjoy for 10 years and has planted a garden this year! God gave us an amazing body that rebounds beautifully when given the right tools. Maetta mentioned this principle to me several times during our workouts. I have been blessed to be able to assist in Maetta’s health journey.

Oh – when the focus is on health – I almost forget to mention the nice side effect of getting healthy. Maetta lost 10 pounds and 4 inches along the way toward gaining health, strength, mobility and confidence. When it is done this way, it becomes a lifestyle of positive change, not a temporary weight loss.

Listen to her amazing story!

What a beautiful story!