Increased Strength * Reduced Body Fat * Improved Cardiorespiratory Capacity

The goals that Dar had in mind when we first met were to improve her health, gain upper body and core strength, as well as reduce body fat and gain muscle. It had been several years since Dar had exercised regularly, although she leads an active lifestyle. Dar began making positive nutrition changes in May and I started training her at the end of August. In three and 1/2 months time, she has lost 6 pounds (she didn’t need to lose much) and maintained that weight loss, gained muscle and reduced body fat. Her weak left shoulder has been balanced better to her right, and her upper body and core strength has increased by 25 – 50% overall. Dar started off using 3 & 5 pound weights for upper body and now uses 7 & 8 pound weights and does more reps! In the beginning of our journey, Dar could only do 3 pushups and now does 2 sets of 12 at an incline! Dar could not do a kneeling plank or side plank and now does a tall plank for 1 minute and side planks for 30 seconds!

Dar’s consistency with her workouts has paid off! Not only does she look better, but she feels better and has more energy. When Dar & I first met, she would often times get out of breath easily without exerting herself that much. Now, we can get through our workouts with a standard amount of rest between sets.

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