Dump Your Rump 4-week series (8 total workouts)


Shape your booty and legs through this progressive 4-week workout series designed to enable you to hold a squat for up to 1 minute!




Get your booty and legs in the best shape ever through this progressive series of workouts that are designed to strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings, as well as your back and core! An additional challenge through this series will be to progressively perform an isometric hold in a squat from 7 seconds to 1 minute. As your lower body muscles gain strength, this will be attainable!

You will receive all 8 workouts in an email once you have purchased. Make sure to do these workouts with a separation of at least 48 hours, so that your muscles have time to repair and recover. All workouts include a warmup and a cool down, as well as encouragement and modifications.

This is a perfect complement to the upper body series and the core series available in January 2022! If you prefer to do a full body workout, then the Virtual Access Outdoor Blast workout series is for you!

Whatever exercise level you are at, you can get stronger and progress at your own pace with all of these workouts!

God Bless and Enjoy!


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