Progressive Core Series


Get a strong core through these 3 thoughtfully developed workouts! Progress safely to a strong core without hurting your lower back!



Are you struggling to strengthen your core? Experiencing lower back pain trying to develop a strong core? This is the perfect program for you!

Let me guide you safely to a strong core by progressing your strength through a series of 3 workouts: Core 101, Core 102, and Core 103. Each workout has a specific set of exercises to target every area of your core, while keeping your lower back safe. Once you have completed all exercises in Core 101, you can move up to the next level. Just as you may have to build up your strength in Core 101 to be able to complete it, expect the same thing to be true as you advance to each level. Just do the best you can wherever you are in your fitness journey!

You will receive all 3 workouts in an email once you have purchased. You can download all of the videos or access them through the private link every time. You can do a core workout every day if you like. We use our core every single day for function moves, so it is beneficial if you make a point of working on a strong core. Of course, as always, listen to your body and rest those muscles if they are overworked.

If you like these workouts and want to do full body strength training, you may like either the separate upper and lower body workouts or the full body Workout Blast series!

Whatever exercise level you are at, you can get stronger and progress at your own pace with all of these workouts!

I am always here for you if you have any questions or concerns!

God Bless and Enjoy!


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