Inflammation in the body correlates to inflammation in the brain, but it CAN be reversed.

Dr. Kathleen Toups is interviewed by Jonathon Otto in this linked video. She talks about the Functional Medicine treatments she learned when she found herself with Dementia and her quest to heal herself. While testing her patients, she found that she could no longer pass her own test. Now she is a Functional Medicine Psychiatrist helping other people to reverse their cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, etc.

Dr. Toups

She has also worked with Dr. Dale Bredesen who I mentioned in the post below. They both use similar testing and nutritional approaches to discover the root problem of the atrophy in the brain.

Hope for Alzheimer’s

Take a few minutes to listen to the video and dive into more information I shared in my post if you feel yourself falling into this condition or know of someone who is living it.

It is a New Year starting tomorrow. Start making changes to reduce the inflammation in your body which is the driver of most diseases. You have control of your health and your future.

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