Natural healers in India have been using Urotherapy for centuries to reverse cancers and other chronic illnesses. India also used Urotherapy during COVID and people were getting better in 48 hours. Alternatively, in America, we are taught that urine is dirty and full of unhealthy bacteria. Could it be that your own body produces the very medicine that you need, and we have actually been paying for it in pharmaceuticals all this time?

People think I’m crazy when I talk about doing coffee enemas to detoxify my liver. I usually get, “No thanks, I would rather drink mine”. So, I will totally understand a shocked reaction to my embracing and even trying this new-to-me therapy. When I hear something outlandish, I don’t immediately dismiss it, and I hope you don’t either. I am about to share some valuable information with you, and I encourage you to look into the information from the experts in the field, who I will link in this article.

We have seen our government agencies abuse their powers over our bodily autonomy and medical freedom in the last two years especially. Couple that with the realization that our health care system is just making people more sick and more dependent on more and more medication. This has led many people to dig even deeper to find what they have been hiding and asking why the only thing the government agencies, the insurance companies and the hospitals approve and recommend are expensive pharmaceuticals and treatments. It also drives us to take charge of our health, find solutions that make sense to us and make choices for our betterment of health and longevity.

Along with living a clean lifestyle: working toward a whole food plant-based diet, daily movement and exercise, managing stress and getting good sleep to repair the body, practicing Urotherapy could be the most powerful thing you can do to aid in becoming the best version of yourself.

America is the only country that doesn’t recognize and value this practice, although it has been mentioned in well-known publications in the past and is used by some physicians in America today. It is generally hushed up by Big Pharma’s control mechanisms because if you know this, you won’t have to buy their products. There are actually many medications that you are probably aware of that are made with or derived from urine because it is such a powerful healing agent. Urikinase (a blood clot dissolving drug), Murine eye and ear drops, Pergonal (fertility medication), and Premarine (hormone regulator) to name a few. It is also used in the very expensive anti-aging creams under the ingredient name of urea.

You can learn more about the practice, application, and history in this personal account by Martha Christy. This is the pdf of her book, Your Own Perfect Medicine, which Dr. Ed Group has so thoughtfully put in a website he developed just to hold all of the documents on this subject. I am so glad he put this together because when I tried to order the book this morning, I could not find it available anywhere! When I first heard about this therapy a few weeks ago, I was going to order the book, but I didn’t. Now I believe Amazon has pulled it since it is competition for the pharmaceuticals they are selling. When I tried to order it, it was out of stock, so I downloaded the sample with the intention of ordering it for the kindle version. I received a message that “this app does not support purchasing of this content”. That right there tells me this is golden information! I was determined to find a hard copy of the book to have as a reference, but it wasn’t easy. I would suggest downloading the pdf to your computer for safekeeping, because you never know when the information won’t be available.

Your Own Perfect Medicine

The link below is for Dr. Group’s research website with many more free book downloads and other resources so you can educate yourself. I am still learning, but I am convinced already. Dr. Group loves to teach others to heal on their own and I am trying to help others gain access to this valuable information, which has been suppressed in our country and is more difficult to find all the time. That’s why I highly suggest purchasing a hard copy or download any important information. You never know when we won’t have access in the future.

Urotherapy Research

In this video below, Dr. Group goes over the top uses of urine. If you are not comfortable with ingesting it, try massaging it on an arthritic joint, rubbing it into your scalp to grow hair or get rid of dandruff, use it as the best moisturizer for you skin, or use it as a foot soak to get rid of your cracked heels. Your urine has the perfect combination of thousands of critical body chemicals and nutrients that are reflective of your individual needs and when reapplied becomes your perfect preventive care treatment for just about any chronic disease, skin condition, or mental disorder.

Top 12 Uses of Urotherapy

We have all drank our own urine in vitro and in the first four months before our kidneys are developed, we drank our mom’s urine. Your urine has the stem cells for all of your organs, 3,500 nutrients, peptides, antibodies and amino acids. Your body will also develop an antivenom within 15 minutes which can save your life if you are stuck in the jungle. Most military folks are taught this as a survival technique.

This subject has been studied by most major universities and articles written in most of the medical journals since the 1900’s. This is not a new phenomenon. Just check out the Martha Christy’s book, Your Own Perfect Medicine where many of these articles and studies are mentioned. You can find this information in the Urotherapy Research link above.

In this interview with Mike Adams, Dr. Group discusses the damage from the mRNA covid jab and some solutions to repair the damage done to the DNA and methods to protect ourselves from the effects of shedding and EMF exposure. At about 44 minutes he talks about Urotherapy’s role in this, but if you have time listen to the whole thing, because in the beginning they talk about synthetic and biological parasites, the problems they cause and what to do. (This will be a whole other article, which is on my agenda, but I wanted to include this now for the Urotherapy information).

Interview with Mike Adams

Here are some additional resources explaining that your urine contains valuable stem cells that can actually become more numerous and powerful over time. Your best source of stem cells comes from the first urination in the morning after the body has been resting and repairing.

This subject has been studied by most major universities and articles written in most of the medical journals since the 1900’s. Wake Forest University recently published a study showing that stem cells are easily isolated from urine, have regenerative potential and can multiply over time.“

Scientists from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University, and colleagues, discovered the existence of stem cells in human urine and confirmed their regenerative potential. Their findings were published in the journal Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology.” (Human urine-derived stem cells have robust regenerative potential (

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski (who studied in India for years) and Dr. Rashid Buttar have been successfully integrating Urotherapy in their clinics here in the US. They are both constantly fighting legal battles to shut down their success. Big Medicine doesn’t want to find a cure because it’s not conducive to the bottom line.

Do your research with all of these valuable resources if you are interested. I am fascinated with the regenerative and healing properties of this golden nectar that our bodies produce. God created a world that synchronizes beautifully so it is not difficult to grasp His ability to create a perfect solution to almost any problem you have in your body with your very own, individually formatted medicine.
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